How to Use Scholarship Funds FAQS

The IU Pathways Scholarship Program allows students who are graduating early to apply any remaining semesters of their scholarship towards a graduate program on the Bloomington campus (graduate programs at other IU campuses are not eligible for this program). 

The IU Pathways Scholarship Program is only available to students enrolling in full-time graduate coursework immediately following the completion of the undergraduate degree. The student must meet all criteria listed below to be considered for this program:

  1. Be a recipient of at least one of these eligible scholarships (could be multiple, if applicable):
    1. Provost's Scholarship
    2. Dean's Scholarship
    3. Global Engagement Scholarship
    4. Distinguished Scholar Award
    5. Office of Enrollment Management Scholarship
  2. Be actively admitted to or enrolled in an Indiana University Bloomington graduate program.
  3. Have maintained the scholarship(s)'s cumulative program GPA requirement by the end of their undergraduate degree.
  4. Enrolled in full-time graduate coursework (minimum of eight credit hours).

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for this program, please reach out to the Office of Scholarship at scholar@iu.edu

Recipients of a Provost's, Dean's, or Global Engagement Scholarship, or a Distinguished Scholar Award can use their scholarship funds towards summer classes if they meet the following criteria and submit an official Summer Awarding Request:

  1. Must be a recipient of one of the eligible scholarships mentioned above.
  2. Must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate coursework for the summer term the request is for.
  3. Have maintained the GPA requirement specific to the eligible scholarship (i.e., the Provost's Scholarship - minimum of a 3.0 cumulative program GPA).

If the student meets all requirements, they can submit their official request to which the Office of Scholarships will review and respond to. 

Please note that all other OEM scholarships are not available for use during summer semesters

OEM Scholarships can be applied toward full-time enrollment in a study abroad program that meets the following conditions:

  1. IU-approved program.
  2. Full-time (12 or more credit hours) enrollment, registered through Indiana University Bloomington.
  3. Billed through Indiana University Bloomington.

We recommend contacting the Office of Overseas Study to verify if a specific program is compatible with use of OEM Scholarships.

Students must be enrolled full-time for their scholarship funds to be disbursed to their account. Some internship courses act as placeholders so students can continue to receive scholarship funds during an internship. To determine if your scholarship(s) will apply to your internship, please contact Student Central

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