How to Use Your Scholarship

Make the most of your scholarships

You earned a scholarship—congratulations! Now what can you do with those funds? Most scholarships will be used for tuition and fees, room and board, and other education expenses during the academic year.

But you may have options for using your scholarship to fund educational experiences beyond campus and even beyond college. See the information below to learn about your options.

If you have more specific questions about using your scholarship, visit our FAQs page or contact us.

IU Academic Scholarships

Did you know that your IU Academic Scholarship (Dean’s, Provost’s, or Global Engagement) is not restricted to use for tuition, room, and board? If you have one of these scholarships, you may be able to use your funds for study during the summer—or even in graduate school. Explore your options for applying scholarships to summer enrollment. Learn how your scholarship could help fund your graduate coursework.

Study abroad

You may be able to use your scholarship—or find additional scholarships—to fund your overseas study. If you have an OEM Scholarship, such as one of the IU Academic Scholarships, your award can be applied toward full-time enrollment in an IU-approved study abroad program. Learn about more ways to fund your study abroad on the Office of Overseas Study website

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