Managing Your Costs

Stretch your financial aid further

You can take stronger control of your finances when you know more about how they work. Get familiar with the terms on this page, and also visit for additional ways to manage debt as you finance your education.

Words to know

You might hear a lot of unfamiliar terms as you consider how you will pay for college. Make sure you know what each of them mean. It will help you better understand how to minimize your costs as you navigate your college journey.

Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Managing Costs

See how IU students navigate the financial realities of college. 

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Ways to manage costs

  • Search for housing at IU based on what your budget will allow.
  • Explore campus jobs. Whether or not they qualify for work-study, students hold jobs in a variety of campus departments and organizations—often using their earnings to reduce the amount of funds they need to borrow.
  • Take advantage of events and performances available to students at little or no cost.
  • Consider borrowing or renting textbooks, rather than buying them.
  • Check out MoneySmarts. Since 2012, this IU initiative has helped students cut their financial burden by almost 20 percent.

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