Dates to Know

Timing is everything

We don’t want you to miss a single deadline in the scholarship process, especially the November 1st Early Action deadline. See other important deadlines and dates below.

All students who apply by the November 1st Early Action (non-binding) deadline will receive the highest scholarship consideration, regardless of whether or not they choose to have test scores considered as part of their application.

Important dates

August 1

First day to apply for admission and scholarships. Incoming first-year applicants may use the Apply IU Application or the Common Application.

November 1

Early action (non-binding) admission deadline. To be considered for IU Academic Scholarships and for invitation to submit the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA), you must submit a complete application for admission by November 1.


Complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many scholarship and financial aid options require you to have a FAFSA on file.


IU Academic Scholarship notifications begin. Recipients of IU Academic Scholarships will be notified via email starting mid-December, followed by a letter in the mail.

January 15

Deadline to submit new or updated test scores for additional scholarship consideration. Students who meet the November 1 deadline and wish to have new or updated test scores considered will have until January 15 to confirm their preference and self-report their test scores. 

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February 1

Deadline for Incoming Students to submit their General Scholarship Application, and if they have been invited to apply, their IU Bloomington SSA application

March 15

All scholarhsip selections are finalized with notifications being sent to scholarship recipients for all incoming student scholarships. Following March 15th, students should use the information in their Financial Aid Summary to make enrollment decisions.

May 1

Deadline to reserve your space at IU. If you are starting at IU in fall, you must declare your intent to enroll by May 1. Your nonrefundable $100 deposit will be credited toward your first-semester tuition expenses.

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