Scholarships 101

Let's review how scholarships work

Scholarships provide financial support for your education—unlocking opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise. We know firsthand how scholarships can shape your life for the better, and that’s why we want to point you to as many of them as we can.

The Office of Scholarships administers only some of the scholarships available to Indiana University Bloomington students. This site includes several scholarships and funding resources that we don’t oversee, such as IU school and departmental scholarships and non-IU scholarships—as well as information about funding beyond scholarships, like financial aid and grants

All students who apply by the November 1 early action (non-binding) deadline for fall 2024 will receive the highest scholarship consideration, regardless of whether or not they choose to have test scores considered as part of their application.

An overview of the process

Here are some of the key steps in the IU Bloomington scholarship process:

  • All students who submit a complete application for admission by November 1 of their senior year of high school will receive highest consideration for IU Academic Scholarships and for the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA)—no additional application required.
  • IU Academic Scholarship recipients will be notified via email in mid-February, followed with a letter in the mail.
  • Admitted students might be invited to complete the SSA during their senior year of high school. The SSA opens the door to even more funding opportunities at IU. If you’re a high school counselor and have been asked to write a recommendation letter, we can guide you through the process of serving as a recommender for the SSA.
  • Admitted students can apply for additional scholarships by logging in to One.IU, searching for “Scholarships,” and exploring opportunities that best fit their circumstances.

We encourage all admitted students to seek out scholarships to help cover the cost of college, whether you’re a first-year student, a student transferring to IU, a nontraditional student, or even a current Hoosier.

Carson Billingsley

At IU, scholarships give you even more than money. The Office of Scholarships provides a supportive scholar community and valuable resources for all aspects of student life.

Carson Billingsley, Class of 2023, College of Arts + Sciences

67% of IU Bloomington undergraduates received grant or scholarship aid in 2020–21 (National Center for Education Statistics)

Keep searching

In your scholarship search, we encourage you to leave no stone unturned. You may be eligible for external scholarships - some of which are listed in Non-IU Scholarships. You may also find opportunities through the following:

We’re here to guide you