Summer IU Academic Scholarships

Funding your summer courses

While the Dean's, Provost's, and IU Global Engagement Scholarships are typically used for fall and spring enrollment at IU Bloomington, students who have earned them may opt to apply the funds toward full-time summer coursework.

To apply your existing scholarship toward summer 2023 enrollment, you must complete the form below by the end of the summer 2023 semester to be reviewed for eligibility. Please note that the form will not open until January 2023. If you complete this form, enroll full-time for summer 2023, and fulfill the terms of agreement below, one semester of your Dean's, Provost's, or IU Global Engagement Scholarship will be applied to your summer 2023 Financial Aid Summary, pending approval from the Office of Scholarships.

For students interested in using their Dean’s, Provost’s, or Global Engagement Scholarship for the summer semester, the summer application process for the 2023–2024 academic year will be conducted as normal. Additionally, any student whose cumulative GPA does not meet the requirement for summer use will be granted a one-time exception to use their IU Academic Scholarship for the summer 2023 semester, provided they meet all other criteria.

If you have any questions about applying your Dean's, Provost's, or IU Global Engagement Scholarship toward summer 2023 enrollment, please contact the Office of Scholarships at prior to the submission of this form.