Accessing Additional Scholarships in One.IU

All current and admitted students at Indiana University Bloomington may apply for scholarships in One.IU. The Scholarships task in One.IU links to the General Application, which will be used to match you with relevant scholarship opportunities through Indiana University, the IU Foundation, and the IU Alumni Association. Once you complete the General Application, be sure to review all of the resources listed under Other Recommended Opportunities, as these will be the most applicable opportunities for you. Degree-seeking students can complete this application every year.

Accessing the General Application

  1. (Incoming freshmen only—current students can skip to 2) Create your IU computing account. You will need your 10-digit University ID number, provided in your admission notification email. It may take up to two hours to activate your account. Do not log in using your guest account.
  2. (All students) Go to the Scholarships task in One.IU and click “Start.” You may be prompted to sign in using your IU credentials.
  3. Complete all questions on the General Application, then click “Finish and Submit.” Please ensure that you answer all questions thoroughly.
  4. Complete any additional applications listed under Other Recommended Opportunities to be considered for the most relevant scholarships for you.
  • Scholarship Application Period

    We recommend that students complete the General Application and any Other Recommended Opportunities between September 1 and March 10 each year.

  • Selection Process

    Many of the scholarships offered through the General Application are donor-driven scholarships with specific criteria for awarding. While the General Application is open to all students at Indiana University, please note that funds are limited and highly competitive. 

    Completing these applications is not a guarantee that you are fully eligible for or will receive additional funding through these resources. If you do qualify for one of these scholarships, you will be notified no later than the first week of June. Only scholarship recipients will receive notification. 

For more specific information about these funding resources, please visit the IU Foundation and the IU Alumni Association. Please note that most scholarships awarded through the IU Foundation and the IU Alumni Association range from $100 to $2,000 per year for selected recipients. Scholarships awarded through the IU Alumni Association are one-year awards.