Hoosier Scholar Community

Welcome to the Hoosier Scholar Community!

Being a Hoosier Scholar means much more than receiving money. As members of the Hoosier Scholar Community, our scholars engage in a wealth of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, that enhance their college experience in distinctive ways. The recipients of these scholarships aren't just a group of individuals; they form a genuine and supportive community.

From participating in exclusive scholar events to actively engaging in community service and offering guidance to prospective Hoosiers, our Hoosier Scholars passionately explore their interests while inspiring others to uncover their own.

What is a Hoosier Scholar? A Hoosier Scholar is a recipient of one or more scholarships or awards administered by the Office of Scholarships, including:

  • IU Academic Scholarships, such as the Provost's, Dean's, and Global Engagement Scholarships
  • Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox Scholarships
  • Lauren Robel Bicentennial Scholarship
  • IU National Merit Scholarship
  • Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship
  • IU Pell Promise Award
  • 21st Century Scholarship Covenant
  • Scott MacDonald Scholarship
  • Office of Enrollment Management Named Awards
  • Music Faculty Award
  • Indiana County Fee Remission
  • IU Merit Finalist Scholarship
  • IU National Hispanic Scholarship
  • IU Foundation (donor-directed) Scholarships

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