Indiana University


The Cox Exploratory Scholars Program provides for hard-working Indiana residents who are academically strong, have demonstrated financial need, and have a desire to explore a number of identified majors.  Students selected as Cox Exploratory Scholars earn two separate scholarships, which are both renewable for four years/eight semesters of full-time total cost of attendance as determined by the Office of Student Financial Assistance: 

  1. A scholarship for 75% of the total cost of attendance and
  2. A scholarship for 25% of the total cost of attendance to represent a stipend for successful participation in on-campus positions which are designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of the full array of opportunities that the university offers.  That employment might be in support of the program (e.g. peer mentors or IU ambassadors), or in IU support units or academic schools and departments. 


To be eligible for a Cox Exploratory Scholarship, a student must be:

  • entering IU classified as an Indiana Resident
  • pursuing his or her first baccalaureate degree
  • a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours upon arrival and throughout your academic career at IU Bloomington.  Please note: NCAA athletes are not eligible for the Cox Scholarship
  • earning a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher (4.0 scale) at time of admission
  • demonstrating financial need by filing or planning to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA) by March 10th for the upcoming academic year


The work component of the Cox Exploratory Scholars relates to an assigned on-campus position, where exploration and discovery of new knowledge is promoted in innovative ways. It encourages experimentation and knowledge-building in ways that, far from compromising academic integrity or progress towards your degree, demonstrate creativity, imagination, breadth of understanding and intellectual flexibility. 


To apply for the Cox Exploratory Scholars Program, the following steps must be completed by March 10, 2014:

  1. Apply online through OneStart (Under the Financial section, select the IU Foundation Application) beginning on October 1, 2013
  2. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Within the Cox Scholarship Application in OneStart, you will use the ‘Essay’ and ‘Cox Scholar Recommendation’ tabs to upload the following required documentation and request recommendation letters:

  1. Personal Statement (include your name and IUID on uploaded documents)
    Please include a personal statement of no more than 300 words about why you should be selected for a Cox Scholarship.  If you have an interest in a particular Cox Scholar Program, please include it in this Personal Statement.
  2. Resumé (include your name and IUID on uploaded documents)
    This document should include the following: all activities, volunteer involvement, awards and honors, hobbies and interests. In addition, include details of your work history (paid and volunteer).
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation
    An academic reference from a professor
    A supporting reference from outside of your academics (i.e. employer, volunteer supervisor, non-academic advisor, mentor)


The Cox Exploratory Scholarship is available to students as incoming freshman and, once awarded, is renewable for a total of 4 years (8 semesters) of undergraduate study, not including summer sessions.  If a student chooses to attend another college or university (including an IU campus other than Bloomington), the scholarship is forfeited.  In order to renew their scholarships, Cox Exploratory Scholars must: 

  • Be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) as a degree-seeking student on the Bloomington campus.  Waitlisted courses do not count toward official enrollment.
  • Maintain a cumulative program GPA of 3.0 at IU.
  • Be successfully working and developing in their on-campus position during their entire enrollment at Indiana University.
  • Remain a student on the Bloomington campus.  If a student chooses to attend another college or university (including an IU campus other than Bloomington), or withdraw from IU, the scholarship is forfeited. 

If a student accepts an IU scholarship that covers the full cost of attendance, it takes the place of all other scholarships awarded by Indiana University.  Subsequently, if a student doesn't meet the renewal criteria for the scholarship that covers the full cost of attendance, or decides not to continue with that scholarship program, they cannot ‘reclaim' other scholarships offered at the time of admission.