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The 21st Century Scholarship Covenant is an award designed to supplement the 21st Century Scholarship and assist high financial need students from Indiana to earn college degrees.  First awarded in the fall of 2007, Indiana University is committed to making a high-quality education affordable to Indiana residents. 

The 21st Century Scholarship is funded by the state of Indiana.  It covers the costs of tuition and some mandatory fees.  The 21st Century Scholarship Covenant is awarded to eligible 21st Century Scholars who have been admitted to IUB and have unmet financial need to cover their direct costs. Direct costs include room, board, and books. The Covenant assists to meet the remaining financial need in covering direct costs in the form of grant-aid.  

Recipients of the 21st Century Scholarship receive support services from the IUB 21st Century Scholars office on campus.  This office supports scholars throughout their undergraduate experience by providing access to mentoring services, academic and professional guidance and workshops, and opportunities to network with other scholars.