Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars


You have been selected, based on your academic achievement and extracurricular involvement, to be a part of a very distinct and honorable group of IU scholars, the Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars.

Please use the form below to notify us regarding your decision to accept or decline the offer beginning in fall 2018. Your response is important as we begin to prepare for next semester.  To accept the scholarship, you must complete the following steps no later than May 1, 2018:

  1. Pay your enrollment deposit and indicate your intent to enroll at Indiana University Bloomington.
  2. Complete the form below, indicating your acceptance of the Herbert Presidential Scholarship.

This offer will be rescinded if you do not complete both of these required steps on or before May 1, 2018.  Should you decline the offer because you do not intend to enroll at Indiana University Bloomington, please click here to formally withdraw your application for admission to Indiana University Bloomington.

As outlined on your award notification, students can receive gift aid from Indiana University Bloomington institutional funds (merit scholarships, grants, and fee remissions) totaling no more than the official cost of attendance. Please note that merit scholarship amounts could be reduced to ensure that a student’s individual aid package does not exceed the official cost of attendance for Indiana University Bloomington. External scholarships and entitlements from federal and state funds can be awarded regardless of total aid package.

*This form should only be completed by those students who have been offered an invitation to the Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program. If you were offered this award, you should have received an email indicating that you have been invited to participate in the program.


  • Medallion

    A Herbert Presidential Scholar medallion is given to scholars to be presented at the student's high school awards night and worn at graduation.

  • Laptop Computer Stipend

    A laptop computer stipend of $1,200 is given to Herbert Presidential Scholars.  Students who accept the Herbert Presidential Scholarship will receive an email in early summer providing more details about the laptop computer stipend.

  • Study Abroad

    An additional $1,000 is given to Herbert Presidential Scholars to be used for study abroad with an IU-administered program.

  • Connections

    Herbert Presidential Scholars benefit from close interaction with faculty, academic and career mentoring, and frequent contact with distinguished visitors to the university.

  • Opportunities

    Herbert Presidential Scholars have unique opportunities for internships, research, and community service.

For more information on the Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship, please click here.

Jonathan Batts, Class of 2018

Jonathan Batts

"The Herbert Presidential Scholarship has enhanced my college experience by allowing me to study abroad more affordably, develop great friendships through the program, and participate in exclusive activities on campus!"