Scholar Spotlights

DeAnthony Nelson

Major: Dietetics
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Why did you choose IU Bloomington?

I chose to go to Indiana University because I knew they had majors that I was interested in and a vast variety of minors and certificates that I could also obtain. Also, the opportunity for campus involvement was extensive and allows you to find your fit.

What advice would you give to a senior that you wish you would have known?

I would tell a senior in high school to take as many dual-credit and AP courses that you can handle and get good grades in those classes because they will have a beneficial effect on your college career.

What has been an obstacle that you have overcome as an undergraduate student?

An obstacle that I had to overcome was balancing my social and academic life, but I realized that I am here for academics. I was still able to have a social life, but had to make sure it did not affect my grades.

How have the 21st Century Scholar services at IU Bloomington benefitted you?

The 21st Century scholars services have allowed me a variety of opportunities to gain volunteer hours, expand my network, and develop as an overall individual.

How do you remain successful as a 21st Century Scholar?

I remain successful by taking advantage of the study tables and taking the tips given to me on how to thrive academically.

What is the best thing about being a 21st Century Scholar?

The best thing about being a 21st Century scholar is having this system of support behind you and having people here who want to help you succeed and graduate within four years.

What has been your favorite class IU and why?

My favorite class at IU is currently my cognitive psychology course because you are able to go more in-depth with this side of psychology.

What activities (including employment) are you involved in?

I was a director for the Indiana Memorial Union Board and Forest Student Government Board of Directors. I am a member of the IU Circle K Volunteering organization, which is the collegiate version of Kiwanis International and Key Club in high school. I also volunteer to usher the IU Auditorium and Ruth N. Halls Theatre which allows me to see the shows for free.