Scholar Spotlights

Brittany and Bethany Neeley

Major: Brittany—Community Health; Bethany—Sports Marketing and Management
Hometown: Greentown, Indiana

Why did you choose IU Bloomington?

Brittany: I originally thought that I wanted to go to a smaller, private school out on the east coast and if you look at me now, I am at the complete opposite—an in-state, Big Ten school. I ultimately chose Indiana University of Bloomington, because it was financially affordable as a result of 21st Century Scholars, relatively close to home, and it was best fit for what I was looking for in terms of athletics and academic opportunities.

What advice would you give to a senior that you wish you would have known?

Bethany: Freshman year is definitely more work than I had expected and I wish someone would’ve told me that before classes actually begun. Regardless of how well you transition into the “college life,” there are struggles for everyone along the way. Staying on top of your school work and not procrastinating will make freshman year much more manageable and will make you a more positive and stress-free person!

What has been an obstacle that you have overcome as an undergraduate student?

Brittany: I have had a really hard time deciding on what I want to do with my life after college, and as a result, it took until February of my freshman year to declare a major. Thankfully, Indiana University has any major that you could think of, and has many career opportunities, fairs, classes, centers, etc. to guide you in making a major choice and developing a career path.

How have the 21st Century Scholar services at IU Bloomington benefitted you?

Bethany: 21st Century Scholar services have benefited me way more than they will ever understand. Thanks to this INCREDIBLE program, I was able to attend the school of my choice with the any money pressures and I will be debt free when I graduate!

How do you remain successful as a 21st Century Scholar?

Brittany: I remain successful as a 21st Century Scholar by being the best student I can be inside and outside the classroom to take advantage of this free education that will be especially beneficial in today’s economy and competitive workforce.

What is the best thing about being a 21st Century Scholar?

Bethany: I will be graduating from IU with a great diploma, and also debt free!

What has been your favorite class IU and why?

Brittany: My favorite class at IU has probably been both of the psychology classes I have taken this year. I had never taken any classes like that, because the small high school I came from did not offer them. The introductory psychology classes here at Indiana have definitely caught my interest and as a result, I am planning on pursuing a psychology minor while I am studying here.

What activities (including employment) are you involved in?

Brittany and Bethany: We are student athletes on the cross country and track teams. We are also involved with a church here in Bloomington.