Scholar Spotlights

Brenda Diaz

Major: Exploratory
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Why did you choose IU Bloomington?

I chose to come to Indiana University because of its prestige and because I knew I would have limitless opportunities to help me grow as a student, a professional, and a person. 21st Century made it affordable and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see everything that Indiana University had to offer.

What advice would you give to a senior that you wish you would have known?

One piece of advice I have for seniors is to be mentally and physically prepared for a huge transition in their study habits, homework load, and especially in a lifestyle as a whole. This is something I had been told plenty of times, but this is something that I can’t exaggerate enough. Expect to spend at least five hours on homework a night, but even though grades are very important, so is getting involved on campus! This will help you meet new people and feel more connected to campus. However, if there’s a time where you feel out of place or you just want guidance, there is an abundance of help centers on campus to help you get adjusted and help you deal with any problems.

What has been an obstacle that you have overcome as an undergraduate student?

My biggest obstacle as an undergrad student has been to feel a part of Indiana University. I felt out of place, until I started getting more involved on campus and with the activities it had to offer. Little things such as studying at the library or the student union instead of my dorm allowed me to not only feel more involved, but also less homesick. I joined organizations that interested me and that is where I’ve met many people with the same interests and goals as me.

How have the 21st Century Scholar services at IU Bloomington benefitted you?

The mentor I have through 21st Century has assisted me in anything I’ve needed help with, from general questions to making my resume.

How do you remain successful as a 21st Century Scholar?

One of the things that has helped me remain successful as a 21st Century Scholar is always asking questions about anything I have doubts in, especially when it comes to my classes. If I don’t understand a concept or don’t know exactly what a professor wants for an assignment, I either go to their office hours, set an appointment with them, or email them with my concerns. This goes the same for everything else whether it’s finding out about organizations to join or knowing if I’m on the right career path. I can ask my mentor and if she doesn’t know, she will most definitely direct me to the people that will!

What is the best thing about being a 21st Century Scholar?

The best thing about being a 21st century scholar is having a support group that cares and helps you get the most of your college career. They are always willing to answer all my questions and doubts that I have encountered.

What has been your favorite class IU and why?

My favorite class at IU lies in between Career Development and swimming. In both classes I have learned so much about myself; Career Development helped me realize what my true interests and goals are, which are not those that other people had for me. Swimming not only taught me to swim, but I proved to myself that I can overcome a fear of swimming by myself and that I am a hard worker. In both of these classes my professors were so open minded and guided me in the correct path to accomplish my goals.

What activities (including employment) are you involved in?

I am involved in two organizations on campus: GBASA (Giving Back to Africa Student Association) and LUIU (Latinos United Indiana University). I am also a Mary Kay consultant and have a part time job back in Fort Wayne.