21st Century Scholar, Duncan Mathies

Duncan Mathies

Hometown: Jasper, IN
Major: Telecommunications
Year: Senior

“The 21st Century Scholarship program has given me the chance to create a better future for myself. This is an opportunity I will not take for granted.

What can I expect to happen my first year as a 21st Century Scholar?

As any other student will tell you, the first year of college comes bundled with an incredible amount of pressure and adjustment.  It is incredibly easy to allow oneself to become overwhelmed by potentially new concepts such paying bills, promptly answering emails, getting involved on campus, etc.  However, as a 21st Century Scholar, you will have access to resources to help combat these issues that many other students may not.

How do you remain a successful scholar throughout your college tenure?

Whenever I would experience difficult situations as a first year student, I would remind myself of the privilege I've been given to attend this school.  This scholarship gives you the opportunity to change the outcome of the rest of your life.  After considering this, I would utilize the resources the program provides to scholars, such as wonderful academic advisors, events designed for personal growth and development, etc., to help myself push through the struggles.

What advice would you give to other incoming 21st Century Scholars?

Make choices for yourself and yourself alone!  Take classes that interest you.  Join clubs and organizations that you feel passionate about, not just because they seem like good "resume builders".  But by all means, get involved in some way or another.

What is the best thing about being a 21st Century Scholar?

Connecting with other 21st Century Scholars has been an incredible experience for me, personally.  Many students don't entirely understand the struggle of coming from a lower income family or having to jump through hoops to better your situation. That's why it is so refreshing to meet other students who come from a potentially similar background as you, who understand what you've gone through to make a better life for yourself.  Making these connections helps to reveal the pay-off of working hard to accomplish your goals and ambitions.