21st Century Scholar, DeAnthony Nelson

DeAnthony Nelson

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Nonprofit Management and Political & Civic Engagement
Year: Senior

“Indiana University has provided me the opportunity to feel at home. I've gained leadership experience and grown as an individual with the support of the scholarships office and IU as a whole. It’s true that college is what you make it, so take advantage of all that Indiana University offers.

What can I expect to happen my first year as a 21st Century Scholar?

During your first year as a 21st Century Scholar you can expect to have interesting classes at Indiana University and a support system through the scholars program to assist in those classes.

How do you remain a successful scholar throughout your college tenure?

You can be successful in college by learning how to manage your time productively, networking and learning effective ways to study that work for you.

What advice would you give to other incoming 21st Century Scholars?

I would advise other scholars to come in and get involved on campus. This allows you to become aware of the resources you have and allows the opportunity for academic and personal growth.

What is the best thing about being a 21st Century Scholar?

Being a 21st Century scholar gives you the opportunity to meet people similar to you and partake in various activities such as workshops and study abroad programs specifically for scholars.