Scholar Spotlights

Molly Chatham

Majors: Community Health

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Classification: Senior

As a Cox Scholar working in the Career Development Center, Molly discovered her passions and learned about a study abroad opportunity.

Relocating to Bloomington, Indiana during her high school career made Molly’s dream of attending IU a reality. She moved frequently with her family, but one thing that kept constant was her love and passion for Indiana University. When asked about her thoughts of attending college in the same city where her family lives she claimed, “being a townie has really been the undiscovered best of both worlds for me; I get to have my family and my dream school at the same time.”

While on campus, Molly had the opportunity to work for the Career Development Center (CDC) as part of her commitment as a Cox Scholar. While working at the CDC she discovered her passion for helping people by engaging in assisting students to discover their potential career success and readiness. Engaging with the other mentors at the CDC helped lead her to the decision to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. With this experience, she was able to show case her interest in the Spanish language as well as discover more about the international healthcare systems. “Studying abroad in Spain really opened my eyes to the type of health care interests I really had and made me fall in love with traveling the world which I plan to continue throughout my post-grad life.”

Upon returning to IU, Molly had the opportunity to intern with the IU Health Bloomington Hospital where she could use her knowledge from the international health care systems in Spain and her School of Public Health degree to assist her in the implementation of programming at the hospital. “I have been so grateful to have had all these experiences during my time here at Indiana University. These amazing opportunities have prepared me for a Consulting Analyst position I have accepted with Cerner Corporation in Kansas City after graduation.”