Scholar Spotlights

Ashley Martinez

Fry Scholar

Major: Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, International Business and Marketing

Hometown: Henderson, Nevada

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2016

“Welcome to the Fry Scholars Family.” Those words moved Ashley Martinez to tears and sent her bouncing off the walls with joy.

She could not stop smiling or dancing for a full 24 hours. The happiness she felt was indescribable. Reading those words justified the effort she had given throughout her high school career. It marked the accomplishment of her biggest goal: going to college for free. Ashley had told her parents her junior year of high school that she was going to pay her own way through college. The Fry Scholarship offer made her promise to her parents a reality.

The Kelley School saw something special in Ashley and chose to support her future endeavors. This support continues, and the opportunities for growth have been endless. Through Kelley, Ashley has traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, and all over India. She will be spending her spring semester in Barcelona, Spain.

The Fry Scholars Program has welcomed her into the Kelley family with great advisors like her scholarship supervisor, Emily Dutton, whom Ashley affectionately calls her “Fry Mama.” So even though Ashley hails from Henderson, Nevada—nearly 1,800 miles away—she will always feel at home here in Bloomington.