Scholar Spotlights

Tori Lawhorn

Major: Journalism, Communication and Culture

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2016

As an "Army Brat," Tori came to IU and found a place to call home.

As a self-proclaimed "Army Brat,"Tori said she never really had a place she could call home because she has moved a total of 14 times in 20 years. That changed the moment she came to Indiana University. When she was a sophomore in high school, her family moved to Tampa, Florida. Her first choice for college was the University of Florida (UF) because not only was UF's reputation astounding, but many of her friends were going there. During the summer of her junior year, her parents took her to visit her grandma in Indiana. While they were there, her mother scheduled a campus tour of IU.

"Both of my parents went to IU," she said." My mom said that I didn't have to go there if I didn't want to, but I at least had to come to campus and see it for myself before my 'no' would be definite."

On a sunny July day, Tori and her parents made the journey down to Bloomington. Though they came in on 10th Street, her parents decided to drive all around campus before stopping at Ernie Pyle Hall, the home of the IU School of Journalism. They drove her past Memorial Stadium, Alumni Hall, the IU Auditorium, and the infamous Sample Gates.

"I couldn't believe IU had so many unique buildings and landmarks," she said. "Everywhere I looked, there was something new to see."

At Ernie Pyle Hall, Tori met with an IU Journalism faculty member that showed her everything the journalism program had to offer. After her information session, Audrie Osterman, then a recent IU graduate, gave her a tour of the building. Audrie is now the Director of Experimental Education for IU Journalism and works with Tori quite often.

Tori said she was impressed by the journalism program and by the passion of students and faculty alike.

"Although I told my parents I realized I wanted to go to IU at the end of the day, it really only took about 20 minutes of being on campus to realize this was the place for me."