Scholar Spotlights

Julie Greder

Major: Healthcare Management & Policy

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2016

Julie's involvement on campus helped change her life & shape her future career goals.

When Julie sent in her college applications in high school she never thought she would end up at Indiana University. She didn’t know much about the school, and applied on a whim because she loved the Big Ten and wanted to go somewhere new. After visiting IU’s campus Julie knew that going anywhere else would’ve been the wrong choice. Despite her parents’ wishes for her to stay closer to home, she knew that college was supposed to be about leaving her comfort zone and she wouldn’t be able to do that if she stayed in New Jersey. “I went with my gut and trekked out to Bloomington on a 12 hour car ride with my mom for freshman move-in day in August of 2012, and life hasn’t been the same since.”

Fast forward to 2016, and Julie couldn’t be happier with the decision she made. “Going into college with the mindset of leaving my comfort zone allowed me to explore hundreds of opportunities that IU had to offer me.” Some of the most influential opportunities Julie has been involved with are joining Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity on campus that she is the vice president of, the Healthcare Management Policy Organization which she is co-president of, and studying abroad.

Studying abroad ended up being one of the most influential aspects of Julie’s college career, as she not only got to continue learning Italian, a language she had been learning for years, but she realized that she would like to put an international spin on her career aspirations. Julie is now aiming to work on the administrative team of a pediatric hospital abroad. Moreover, going abroad gave Julie the opportunity to participate in various language exchanges with foreign students, something she had already been doing since her sophomore year through the conversation partners program at IU. “Going abroad made me realize that teaching English is one of the extracurricular activities I love the most because you get to learn so much about other cultures and ways of life in other countries.” Julie continued her English tutoring when she returned to the US through both the Conversation Partners Program and Practice English Tutorials, and she is now looking into opportunities to teach English after she graduates.

“Everything I have come to love in college is due to the opportunities that IU provided to me. Community service, teaching English, studying abroad, finding the perfect major - four of the many, incredible, and life-changing things that I will be forever grateful to IU for!”