Scholar Spotlights

Collin Hickey

Major: Exercise Science

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2016

Collin knew he wanted to give back to Riley Hospital for Children one day, but he never knew the extent of which he would be able to.

When Collin was ten days hold, his mother felt as if something was not quite right with him. She took him to the doctor where he was quickly rushed down to Riley Hospital for Children for emergency heart surgery. His chances of surviving his first night was between 25-30%. If he was able to beat the odds and survive, he was supposed to be paralyzed. After three heart surgeries before the age of one and half and 21 years later, he is now one of the 22 executive council members on Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM), which raises funds to help support patients of Riley Children's Hospital like himself.

"Becoming the Director of Special Events for IUDM has already served to be the most rewarding experience I have had at Indiana University" Said Collin. "To lead a committee of 80 truly impressive people willing to dedicate their time and efforts for such a noble cause is an absolutely outstanding opportunity."

Collin has also had the opportunity to converse with children and parents of children that have had heart surgeries performed by the same doctors that operated on him 21 years ago. "Having the chance to show the kids and their parents, first hand, that a child's medical compications will not necessarily define them forever has been the most rewarding aspect for me so far. We often speak about giving hope to both the Riley kids and their families so it's incredible to see thousands of college students rally around this idea."

His favorite quote referring to IUDM is "You will never work with better people, for a better cause, the rest of your life." Although he is still relatively new to his executive role and has many months of hard work ahead of him, he already knows the legitimacy of this quote.