Scholar Spotlights

Greg Sprout

Major: Neuroscience, Underwater Resource Management

Minors: Spanish, Biology, and Chemistry

Hometown: Avon, IN

Classification: Alumni

Through research opportunities at IU, Greg did underwater archeological research in the Dominican Republic.

When first stepping foot in Bloomington, Greg knew that his time at IU was going to be the most impactful 4 years of his life.  Right away, he jumped at one of the many academic opportunities presented to him and began working in a neuroscience research laboratory on campus.  Through his two years spent gaining valuable research and learning experience, he has solidified his love for science and his future aspirations as a medical professional.  When asked about the opportunities provided at IU, he said “IU is one of the few institutions in the nation that offers such a vast array of research opportunities in almost every discipline for their undergraduates.  Very few places can you be a freshman and begin working with an esteemed research faculty member right away and gain invaluable experience like you can here.”

Along with his many science and pre-medical courses, Greg was also able to continue pursuing his love of Spanish through one of the many language courses offered on campus.  Through the IU Spanish department, he was able to study abroad for a summer in the Dominican Republic, expanding on his Spanish skills and taking in the culture and atmosphere of a different country.  Recounting on the experience, Greg said, “people talk about studying abroad being an incredible and life-changing experience, but you don’t really have an idea of what they mean until you are given the opportunity and go out and actually do it yourself.  Along with learning a lot and enjoying another culture, it really does open your eyes and changes your perspective on many things in life. I’m really lucky that IU affords their students the opportunity to go and experience this if they choose to.”

Continuing his life-long hobby of swimming and water sports, Greg has found a new niche with the SCUBA diving courses offered at IU.  And through his work with the IU Underwater Science Department, he has traveled back to the Dominican Republic with a team of IU professors and students to do underwater archeological research.  Recounting on all his experiences during his junior year, Greg said, “Thinking back almost 3 years ago, I would have never thought I’d be where I am now and have done all that I have done in my time here at IU.  I’m going to leave this university having grown both intellectually and emotionally.  My time here at IU really has shaped me into who I am now and prepared me for all my future professional aspirations as a doctor while giving me new lifelong hobbies along the way.”