Scholar Spotlights

Noelle Gipson

Major: Public and Nonprofit Management

Minor: Business Fundamentals Certification

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2015

When Noelle Gipson first came to Indiana University, she made the conscious effort to try to see the world from as many perspectives as possible.

During her freshman year, she lived in Foster International Living Learning Center with students from all over the world—an experience that showed her how diverse IU could be and sparked her interest in becoming a global citizen. Noelle was a sophomore when she applied for her first study abroad experience. She had no idea that over the next 12 months she would have the opportunity to travel abroad three times, including a service trip to Jamaica, all made possible by Indiana University.

IU Bloomington has one main Overseas Study office, and throughout the campus some schools have their own overseas education programs or offices that encourage students to study abroad while at IU.

“I heard a quote from President McRobbie about how he would like students to come to IU with a passport,” Noelle said. “Although I didn’t come to IU with a passport, I am leaving with a passport—with more than one stamp of a foreign nation, thanks to my experiences through IU and SPEA.”

This past summer, Noelle traveled to Sydney, Australia, where she interned with “GetUp! Action for Australia,” an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organization that aims to give citizens a political voice. “It was great to be in a foreign country doing what I love, which is giving people a voice through my actions and research.” As a senior, Noelle says her biggest worry is not finding the perfect job, but finding where her next passport stamp will come from.