Scholar Spotlights

Dorothy Vincent

Majors: Finance, Technology Management

Minor: Mandarin Chinese

Hometown: Weston, WI

Classification: Sophomore

Dorothy was born in Haiti and has lived in 6 different states, but she found her home at IU.

Dorothy was born in Haiti and moved to the United States at the age of five. Since moving to the U.S., she has lived in six different states and 13 different cities. Because she had moved so many times throughout her childhood, where she attended college was an extremely important decision. She wanted to find a place that truly felt like home. "I ultimately decided to go to IU because when I visited the campus and Bloomington, it felt like a place I could call my home," Dorothy said. 

Upon coming to college, Dorothy thought she had all of her future plans figured out. She wanted to be an investment banker, work at a bank for exactly four years, and then become an international business lawyer. While she still plans on pursuing law sometime in the future, her plans aren't as concrete now. Her classes and the resources at Indiana University opened her eyes to other opportunities beyond what she had originally planned for herself. "It was scary for me at first, not to have everything planned out so precisely, but now  I realize the freedom I have. Because I'm not trying to force myself to stay on only one path, I've been able to explore all of my interests and see how they might be able to fit into my life and career."

Dorothy is currently focusing on a career in investment research or corporate finance, but she now knows that the opportunities are endless. She is minoring in Mandarin Chinese because she loves the language and plans to use it in her future career - no matter what that might be. She's also using her passions to volunteer for the Crimson Cupboard, a student run food pantry on campus, and hopes to find ways to help the environment through sustainability initiatives.