Scholar Spotlights

Camilla Burrell

Majors: Information Systems Management, Business Analytics

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Classification: Alumni - Class of 2017

In addition to her business degree, Camilla pursued her love of language while at IU.

Initially coming to IU for a business degree, Camilla didn’t realize how much she’d be able to pursue interests outside of Kelley. Her interest in language began at a young age as she was brought up in a bilingual home, speaking both English and Brazilian Portuguese. Learning a new language was a simple tool to communicate with and understand other cultures.

At IU, Camilla solidified her strong language foundation by taking classes through the Portuguese department and starring in two Portuguese plays by Teatro Vida. She also took advantage of a marketing/sales class organized by the Kelley School of Business where primary marketing research was conducted in rural Ecuador. During that trip, Camilla worked with 19 other students to create a marketing plan for a small manufacturing firm.  Speaking and translating the Spanish of the local Ecuadoreans, Camilla was able to connect students to the indigenous people and culture.

In additon, Camilla studied at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands for five months. Despite her vast international experiences, Camilla was in a place where she didn't speak the language for the first time in her life. Over the course of the semester, Camilla realized how important language was to learning a culture because every language has nuances and phrases that do not directly translate back to a person’s first language. 

"Language encompasses so much – not just as a series of words and phrases to structure thought but as a bridge and supplement to nonverbal communication as well," Camilla said.