Life as a Scholar

Being a scholar at Indiana University Bloomington opens up a whole new world of what is possible. It all begins with your first step on this jaw-droppingly breathtaking campus.

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A Place That Will Challenge and Inspire You

You'll soon discover a place that will challenge, transform, and inspire you—where you’ll study with scholars who are equal parts fearless, imaginative, and sociable. You’ll find so many ways to delve into and become an expert at what you love, the difficulty will be in narrowing it down.

IU has it all, and then some!

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Where We Explore the Depths and Reach the Pinnacles

From deep-sea dives into ancient shipwrecks to geological expeditions in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains, Hoosier scholars get to the heart of their passions.

Since our founding in 1820, IU students, alumni, and faculty have achieved the height of success—Nobel Prize winners, Guggenheim Fellows, and Rhodes Scholars. We’ve also taken home some Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys. And more than a few Olympic medals.

We are part of a university steeped in academic and campus tradition. But you won’t see us lingering too long in the traditional “ivory tower” of academia. Hoosier scholars take advantage of special opportunities and programs like overseas study, because we believe in gaining skills and expertise beyond the walls of the classroom.

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To Find Our Purpose in Life

We are Hoosiers, humble but driven. We push ourselves to be the best we can possibly be, and to make the places where we live and work better for everyone. When we graduate, you’ll find us writing best-sellers, creating successful TV programs, being globally renowned journalists, developing new technologies, running our own companies, finding cures, being foreign dignitaries and diplomats, and performing on the big stage.

With People Who Care about Your Future

Studying at a top-tier academic institution has its perks. On top of that, our scholars get a special benefit. We have the best people—fun, adventurous, brainy, and helpful. If you’re like most IU Bloomington students, you’ll take a unique path to reaching your personal pinnacle, and you’ll have friends along for the journey.

We are real people. People you can connect with. Your brilliant lab partner is also your stellar teammate on the intramural soccer field.

Your professors, classmates, and the many people you’ll meet at IU are there for you, to help you with everything you face along the way—preparing for a tough exam, choosing a major, or balancing college and life. We work hard together, play hard together, and we go out of our way for each other.

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Our schedules are packed with activities, but we would love to share our time with you. Please call or email us with questions about what it’s like to study and live on this incredible campus.

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