You’ve got a lot of deadlines to manage. We don't want you to miss the major ones—like November 1, the IU application deadline for maximum scholarship consideration.

Looking for specific scholarship deadlines? You'll find them in the scholarship descriptions.

August 1:
IU Application Is Ready

3, 2, 1 … apply! Freshman applicants applying for fall 2018 may apply using any one of the following application platforms: Indiana University eApplication, Common Application, or Coalition Application.  Exciting, yes? Let the IU Office of Admissions guide you through the steps of the admission process.

November 1:
IU Application Deadline for Maximum Scholarship Consideration

It all starts here, don’t forget this date. Your complete IU admission application—and all application materials—must be submitted by November 1 if you want to be considered for IU Academic Scholarships and IU Selective Scholarships

Required materials to apply for admission:

  • Completion of an IU application for admission - freshman applicants applying for fall 2018 may apply using any one of the following application platforms: Indiana University eApplication, Common Application, or Coalition Application.
  • A brief IU-specific essay. If you are applying through the Common Application, this essay is called the Writing Supplement for IU Bloomington. This essay may be used in scholarship consideration.
  • A $65 application fee (or waiver if you qualify).
  • Your full senior year class schedule. This can be done two ways: by including it in your application for admission or requesting your counselor send with your official transcript.
  • Your official high school transcript.*
  • Your official SAT/ACT scores, which must be sent directly from the testing agencies.*

*Make sure you request these to be sent in time to meet the November 1 deadline.

Please click here for steps on how to apply and further information on what qualifies as a complete application.

January 4:
Selective Scholarship Application Deadline

If you received the IU Selective Scholarship application, be sure to complete and submit it—with your essays and resume—by this date.

January 17:
Last Day for IU to Receive Updated Test Scores

If you met the November 1 IU application deadline, January 17th is the last day for IU to receive your updated test scores. Updated scores will be evaluated and notification will be made on a rolling basis for those who qualify. Only test scores received directly from the testing agency will be considered for scholarship and admission processes.

January 17:
Selective Scholarship Recommendation Letters Deadline

If you submitted the IU Selective Scholarship application by January 4, be sure your recommendation letters are sent on or before January 17.

April 15:
Deadline for Filing the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline is critical for students who want to apply for need-based financial aid. Even if you think you won’t be eligible for need-based aid, you should still file the FAFSA. Why? Because some merit-based scholarships require that applicants have a FAFSA on file.

May 1:
IU Enrollment Deposit Is Due

We can’t wait to welcome you to IU! When you pay your enrollment deposit, that's equivalent to responding “yes” to our invitation to join us. So, before you master the fists and blades, you’ll need to submit your enrollment deposit, which is applied as a credit toward your first tuition bill.