Staff Profile Pages

Creating Staff Profile Pages

Step 1: In the WCMS, navigate to the about >> staff folder.

Step 2: There are two methods for creating a staff profile page:

New Method:

a)    Click New at the top of the WCMS interface.
b)    Hover over the WRAP_SDDU option.
c)    Hover over the BL-SCHOLAR-WEBS option.
d)    Hover over the Scholarship Website option.
e)    Click on the Staff Profile option.

This creates a new blank staff profile page. Move on to step 3.


Copy Method:

a)    Click on an existing staff profile page.
b)    Click on the Copy tab at the top of the WCMS interface.
c)    Enter a System name (as explained in step 3)
d)    Click Submit.

This creates a copy of the original staff profile page. Be sure to change all existing information on this page.

Step 3: Choose a System name. System names should be all lowercase and have no spaces. For example lastname-firstname.

Step 4: Edit the new or copied staff profile page. Update the Display Name, Keywords, and Description.

Step 5: Update the Profile section including the First Name, Last Name, and Title.

Step 6: Update the Profile >> Photo section with the staff image.  This image should be placed in the img/staff folder and needs to be sized at 275 x 275.

Step 7: Update any other sections that are necessary. For more on the Profile >> Events Attended section, check step 9 here.

Step 8: When everything is updated, click Submit and remember to Publish the new page.