Adding Custom Assets

Creating new Custom Assets

All of the custom assets for this site can be created from scratch or copied from exisiting assets. The advantage to copying is the ability to use an existing asset as a guide for the appropriate info you will need to enter.

Most custom assets are housed in the following folders:

Event - Scholarships Website/events
Scholarship - Scholarships Website/scholarships/scholarship-sorter/scholarships
Scholarship Profile - (Depends on Profile Type) Most live within related sub-folders here: Scholarships Website/life-scholar
Slide - Scholarships Website/img/homepage-slideshow
Spotlight - Scholarships Website/_containers
Staff Profile - Scholarships Website/about/staff

Creating new asset using the "New" pulldown menu

From the New pulldown menu navigate to WRAP-SDDU > BL-SCHOLAR-WEBS > Scholarships Website where you will find all of the available basic and custom assets. Choose the asset you wish to create. In the next screen you'll be able to enter the pertinent info for each section of the asset/page. Refer to the other topics in this guide to learn how each item is handled.


Copying a new asset to create a new instance

Navigate to another instance of the asset you want to copy. In this example, we are copying an existing event. You can start the copy in either of two ways: 1. You can hover over the item and a small pulldown menu will appear - select Copy. You may also navigate to the item and click on the Copy tab. (Both copy methods are shown below.) For this method you will need to change the existing name to the new name and then click on the Submit button to engage the copy process.