How to Apply for Selective Scholarships

Only incoming freshmen who have completed the application for fall admission on or before November 1 will be considered for Selective Scholarship eligibility.

Admitted incoming freshmen who meet the criteria for any department that reviews the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA) will be invited to apply for Selective Scholarships at the time of admission. The Selective Scholarship Application allows incoming freshmen to be considered for departmental merit-based awards.

Since students cannot access the SSA until they have been admitted by the university, we recommend submitting the application for admission as early as possible to ensure the maximum amount of time to complete your SSA materials.

Accessing the Selective Scholarship Application

If you are eligible to apply for Selective Scholarships, you will be notified in the admissions notification packet and via email. This invitation includes instructions for accessing your Selective Scholarship Application, as follows:

  1. Create your IU computer accounts. You will need your university ID number provided in your admission notification to create this account. It will take up to two hours to activate your account.
  2. Once your account is activated, log into One.IU.
  3. In One.IU, enter the keyword "scholarships" in the search bar.
  4. Click on the "Scholarships" icon, a dollar sign ($) with a graduation cap: Scholarships Icon
  5. Click "Apply" under the "Selective Scholarship Application" section to access your personalized application.

If you experience issues accessing your application, please contact University Information Technology Services (UITS) at 812-855-6789 for assistance. They can be reached 24/7. Be sure to have your Student ID available when you call; it is a 10-digit number listed on your letter of admission that begins with “000” or "200." Please note that it can take up to two hours for the computing account to become available once created.

Completing the Selective Scholarship Application

The first page of your application—the welcome screen—includes instructions for completing the SSA. Here you will find several pieces of important information:

  • The departments reviewing your application are listed here, and each department provides specific instructions and information related to its review of the SSA.
  • You will see two separate deadlines for your application, including the deadline for submitting your portion of the SSA and the deadline by which we must receive both your recommendation letters in order for your completed application to be considered. Please note that all deadlines are Eastern Standard Time.
  • If one of the departments listed on your welcome screen is the Hutton Honors College (HHC), please note that students are encouraged to submit their completed SSA (including letters of recommendation) as early as possible. Early submission of the completed SSA (including letters of recommendation) will result in priority scholarship review and consideration from the Hutton Honors College.

Required SSA Materials

The SSA is a competitive application, and several pieces are required for review. Some pieces of your SSA will be pulled directly from the application for admission. If any of this information is incorrect, please email us at to let us help you update your materials.

In addition to completing the form questions on the SSA, you will need to submit an activities resume outlining your involvement throughout high school, multiple essays, and two recommendation letters from separate sources.

One of your recommendation letters should speak primarily to your academic accomplishments, and the other should address your leadership qualities, community service involvement, and/or personal accomplishments.

In order to keep our process fair, we do not provide essay questions to students prior to assignment of the Selective Scholarship Application. One of the required essays is an analytical research essay and does require in-text citations and a works cited page. You may use your preferred style for citations; just be sure to keep it consistent! Your works cited page will not count against the analytical research essay word limit.

Please ensure that all of your materials are complete before submitting the application. Submission constitutes a digital postmark, and we will not reopen submitted applications for mistakes or missing materials.

Recommendation Letters

As a component of your SSA, we require two recommendation letters. One of your recommendation letters should speak primarily to your academic accomplishments, and the other should address your leadership qualities, community service involvement, and/or personal accomplishments. We encourage you to contact your desired recommenders as soon as you’ve been assigned your application.

As a component of your application, you will input your recommenders’ names, email addresses, titles, and organizations. The moment you submit your portion of the SSA, emails will be sent to each of your recommenders with a unique login and instructions for uploading the letters to your application. Once we’ve received both letters, your application will be considered complete and ready for consideration.

You can check to see if we’ve received your recommendation letters in your To-Do List within One.IU. Any required items that we have not received will be included in this list.

Notification of Awards

Once your application is complete, it will be routed to any department listed on your welcome screen. Each department has a different process for notifying scholarship recipients, and applicants are typically notified only if they have received an award. Most offers of Selective Scholarships are sent between January and March.

If you are eligible for more than one Selective Scholarship, you will receive separate award notifications from each individual department. Additionally, you will receive either a Financial Aid Notification - if a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is filed - from the Office of Student Financial Assistance or a Consolidated Award Letter - if a FAFSA is not filed - from the Office of Scholarships in late March with a cumulative list of your scholarships from IU at that time.

Dates and Deadlines

Here are some dates to remember for the SSA. Please note that the welcome screen of your application will outline the deadlines for your submission and recommendation letters. If your dates are different than those shown below, please refer to the dates listed on your application for the most accurate information. All deadlines are 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the date indicated.

November 1 Deadline to submit a complete application for admission for maximum scholarship consideration. In addition to your IU application for admission, be sure to submit your admission essay, official test scores, high school transcript, and full senior year schedule. All incoming freshmen who meet this deadline, regardless of major, will be assessed for Selective Scholarship eligibility.
January 4 Final deadline to submit student’s portion of the SSA.
January 17 Final deadline to receive recommendation letters. Applications missing recommendation letters after this date will not be reviewed.


Scholarship recipients are notified by the awarding departments. For most departments, only recipients are notified.