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Indiana University
Major: Spanish and Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Classification: Alumni


Why do you belong at IU?

I moved to Indiana during middle school and at that time, I developed many enduring friendships and began to love my new home. I had heard so much about Indiana University from my teachers in high school (former graduates of IU) – and I knew that IU was for me with its vast opportunities and all of the offerings I wanted in a university.

What do you like most about your major or scholarship program?

The Hudson and Holland Scholarship Program is great. Our advisors are outstanding, and are always motivating us to do our best. The number of opportunities available through HHSP is enormous. HHSP makes sure that your resume is full of relevant experiences and they really bring out the best in you.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people would find surprising or unexpected?

I love making mosaics; and when I get the chance, I would like to go to India for an entire year to finish learning Kuchipudi, an ancient form of Indian classical dance.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

Although IU is an extremely beautiful campus in its entirety, I would have to say my favorite spot on campus would be the Sample Gates. In the spring, the burst of tulips all over are a feast for the eyes- especially after a dreary winter.

What is your favorite thing about Bloomington?

I love its college environment. No matter the time, there are always people around wherever you go, and there is always something to do.

Tell us about your family.

My father is a physician and my mother is a health economist. I have an older brother who recently graduated from law school and successfully completed his Indiana bar. My family comes from Agra, India (the city of the Taj Mahal); however, I was born in the United States. The most recent addition to our family is a golden-doodle puppy, named Troy (Troy Polamalu #43 of the Steelers!!). He is about 6 months and already 65 pounds!

What is the best college experience you have had so far?

During my freshman year, I was a part of a new competitive Indian folk dance team. Other than that, meeting new people and enjoying the independence.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

After I graduate from Indiana University, I plan to study towards an MD degree – IU Medical School is a prospective choice. I want to serve as a role model for Asian women and work to improve the health of those who are underprivileged. I plan to specialize in Orthopedics and work in an academic center. By being a respected member of the community and as a physician, I will work to engage myself in activities and give back to my community. IU will help me to attain this goal by providing numerous opportunities such as research and mentoring experiences, and learning the foundations of science from some of the most talented professors and scientists. The laboratory facilities are wonderful at IU, and I can work alongside scientists conducting research.

What music are you currently listening to?

I’m a big fan of Rap, Hip-hop/R&B, as well as a lot of Indian music. Right now I am listening to Eminem – “When I’m Gone”.

What is your advice to students interested in Indiana University?

To survive in a college as big as IU, get involved and be a risk taker. I came from a high school of 4,000 kids and coming to a college of over 40,000 is a big leap – especially for those coming from smaller high schools. Some classes are large, and it is important to stand out amongst your peers – get noticed and meet one-on-one with your professors. As a freshman, becoming involved in student groups and clubs is a great way to start out, and you get to know a lot of people along the way that will help you get through your first year at college. Also, practice good study habits from the beginning. It is easier to stay on top than to play catch up. Prioritize and get organized – it will only help you and make things a lot easier!

Photo of Priyanka Dubé