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Indiana University
Lauren McKinney.jpg
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Classification: Senior


Why do you belong at IU?

IU wants me to be here! IU makes it perfectly clear that a student like me belongs on this campus and in its programs. Undeniably, IU has everything that I want and need from exceptional scholarship programs, to a vast course selection, to Pizza X's late night (4am) deliveries.

What do you like most about your major or scholarship program?

I love and admire both of my scholarship programs because the opportunities that they offer are overwhelmingly abundant, and each and every staff member WANTS to help their scholars with any and everything. Both Hudson and Holland and Herbert Presidential Scholarship programs are there for all of its scholars all the time, any time. The community that they provide and establish just the first few weeks of school is priceless.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people would find surprising or unexpected?

I was born in Japan on an army base!

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) and the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC). The IMU simply has EVERYTHING, and the SRSC, which is right across the street from my dorm, is always a good place for me to relieve some stress and stay healthy, of course.

What is your favorite thing about Bloomington?

My favorite thing about Bloomington would have to be the small town vibe and the ideal college atmosphere. Even though IU is a large campus, the town of Bloomington makes it so that you run into classmates, roommates, and/or floor mates anywhere, whether you're strolling down Kirkwood or finding a last minute outfit at College Mall. Ultimately, A Big Ten college campus doesn't get any better than this!

Tell us about your family.

I have an older brother, Wesley, who also attends IU. He's a sophomore majoring in history education. We are very close! My Mom works for Social Security as Director Area Deputy for Indiana and she's the lady of my life! My Dad is a military program analyst, and my Step Dad is a pastor. I am very family-oriented and my family is my rock, I owe all of my successes to them!

What is the best college experience you have had so far?

The best college experience I've had so far is simply meeting so many new people with very different backgrounds, yet many commonalities. My residential life has been great! I absolutely adore my floor mates and we are all very close. I've made friendships that will definitely last a lifetime. The connections that I've made simply by going to get dinner at Wright Food Court are cherished! Also, the different opportunities provided by my scholarship programs have given me the chance to network with IU students and campus leaders.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I would like to attend graduate school, pursue my masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and become a licensed Speech Pathologist at a children's hospital and/or elementary school. I would like to become an administrative staff member for a public school system later in my career.

What music are you currently listening to?

I'm currently going back and forth between my John Mayer Pandora radio station and my Drake Pandora radio station. Also, Chris Brown's new album F.A.M.E. will be recently added to my iPod!

What is your advice to students interested in Indiana University?

Visit, Visit, Visit! IU will pull you in as soon as you pull up to the Sample Gates! I was on the bubble until I came to visit IU, and I ended up doing my housing as soon as I got back home. If you're interested, become a pro at what IU has to offer, do your research, ask questions, call the phone numbers provided for you on the various IU websites! (They want you to call and they want to answer), and you'll make the right decision for you!